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Impact Dehuller ID-900

Product Code: ID-900

Akyurek’s Impact Dehuller ID-900 is a precise and efficient dehulling unit applicable for processing oats, spelt wheat, soya, buckwheat, hemp seed, sunflower seeds and many other seeds.


Operation: Product is fed into the inlet where it enters the impeller wheel through the feed control pipe. Accurate adjustment of the feed control handle determines the perfection of the hulling operation. The centrifugal force of the rotating impeller wheel drives the product against the" hulling ring. The speed of the rotating impeller is adjusted to create the exact force of impact against the hulling ring. Hulling ring distance from rotating impeller wheel is an adjustable parameter for precise setting. Fine-tuning of the speed minimises broken seeds and maximises hulling thoroughness. From the hulling chamber the hulled product and separated hulls discharged at the bottom outlet.

An industrial duty machine, long lifetime ensured by Rugged design ensures
Easily replaceable Impeller and hulling ring fabricated from a highly durable steel for wear resistance.