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Modular Combo Screen Cleaner & Grader O.MAC-002

Product Code: O.TEM-002


It is a multi tasked machine with fine cleaner and grading units. It can screen clean almost all kind of seeds, grains and dry legumes vegetables. Light impurities sucked by aspirator room. There are seven sieve boats and seven screens. It can classify the product in five different grades. There are two models in its standard; fixed and *mobile types.


Working Principle:  

The product feed into sieve boats through the feeder elevator. Each sieve boat has specific sizes of holes for impurities larger than the crop or smaller than the crop. Sieve boats incline downwards where the crop moves whilst sieve boat vibrates and impurities fall of the sieve perforations.


To separate the straw, chip, glumes and etc. the product passes below the aspirator room. Aspirator room has five adjustable suction imports where crop exposed to air cleaning five times. After cleaning operation, the product transferred to the grading boats through the middle elevator which is the second elevator in the machine. The product can be graded maximum to five; the eccentric system obtains the best analysis of the product. The cleaning system of under screen has brushes moving forward and back, so there is no risk for the screen to be blocked.

More Grades

Ifmore Graded Products required from Combo Cleaner, according to required graded quantities more sieve boats added to Combo Cleaner.