From Oil Seeds family; Sesame Seed is one of the best commodity that is being traded globally.

Akyurek has been supplying Sesame Seed Cleaning Plants since 2005 on international bases starting from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Mali, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Mozambique, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Bolivia and to Turkey.

Having done hundreds of Sesame Seed Cleaning Plant with ‘know how’ of other type of seed behavior and requirements, Akyurek has perfected the efficiency, value for money, investment concerns and excellency of Seed Handling Equipment.

Success stories of clients brings repetitive business for them and to Akyurek from them.

All of Akyurek clients becomes long-term partner in life time.

Sunflower Seed is another commodity that is highly profitable in Snack industry as wholesaler and or Retailer.

Akyurek understands very well what Sunflower and or Pumpkin Seed needs to be handled as per industry requirements and clients’ needs. In Turkey Akyurek has installed almost in every city a Sunflower Seed Conditioning/Cleaning Plant.

Other regions in globe with Black Sunflower Cleaning Machines/ Plants have been Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan and Egypt, Dubai and Saudi with Water Melon Seed Cleaning Plants.

As per Cotton Seed Cleaning Akyurek has recently installed 3 Cotton Seed Cleaning/ Conditioning Plant in Turkmenistan.

Rape Seed is greatly common in Europe and Akyurek Machines and Seed Cleaning Plants in Bulgaria are handling Rape Seed.

Safflower Seeds is new crop in Turkey however, Safflower seed characteristics have been suitable for Akyurek Seed Cleaning machines.

Grape Seed Screen Cleaning has been delivered to a Local company in Mersin.

70% of worlds Hazelnut grows in Turkey and Akyurek supplies machine for Hazelnut Kernel Grading.

Pistachio Seed Cleaning plants in Turkey in Gazi Antep and its region as well as in Iran.

Jojoba Seed Cleaning Turnkey Project and singular machines have been supplied to Middle East.

Lin Seed other name Flex Seed Cleaning machines and Turn Key Plants Supplied to Ukraine, Russia and Turkey.

Ground Peanut Cleaning and Grading and De-Shelling plants have been supplied in Turkey.