Mother land of Chickpea believed to be most fertile land on the world ‘Mesopotamia’. Stretching from east part of Turkey to all the way to Syria, Iran, and Iraq and to the Gulf Sea.

As well as Chickpea, all other most valuable protein rich Beans, Red Lentil, Green lentil and vetch has been available in and around Turkey for about 5000 years. Developing, immerging markets and trading demands created food trading and best long shelf life commodity in rich protein was the Pulse seed.

Trading of Pulse Seed as well as other seeds brought ‘trading standards’ which then created need of Industrial improvement of the Seed Handling for Trading. Having been in the mother land of Pulse Seed and trading route of Silk way created an opportunity for Akyurek Makina ltd. and Seed Handling equipment manufacturing started for first Chickpea Cleaning and Grading.

Chickpea with its different types and very dusty and uneven shaped seed needed extra measure approach on suitable Seed Cleaning machine mechanization. This approach created a Design on such machine could and still do a Screen Cleaner Machine, which can do Fine Screen Cleaning and Grading.

Akyurek Makina (Akyurek Brothers) started in 1970 with their Seed Cleaning and Grading Machine Manufacturing for Turkey’s Pulse Trading Industry at first. 1970 technology 3 brothers one machine a month and in 2015; one Screen Cleaner machine in two days (average of the year) with 350 staff as well as all the other new machines...

From Mersin Seed Traders to CICILS traders, local traders, importers and exporters, wholesalers to Retailers. Any type of Pulse Seed in Turkey, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Tunis, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and many more Pulse Seed Growing countries’ Seed Traders have Akyurek Pulse Seed Cleaning/Conditioning Machines and or Turnkey Projects.

Pulse Seed Cleaning/Conditioning Turnkey Plants are for tailor made Machine Park, which are suitable to business need. Investor/buyer of such plants has to have quick pay pack, minimum downtime, a reliable equipment, an excellent after sales support, near to zero downtime, contractual obligations and suitable flexibilities during order production, efficiency and Excellency clean seed results.

‘We are concerned more than you are, precaution is always there which drives us to deliver the best of what we do’
Mr Ali Akyürek