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Screw Conveyors

Product Code: SE-016

A wide range of standard screw elevators developed to handle loads at different inclinations, for all kinds of bulk products, of different densities and particle sizes: mainly cereals, but also pellets, fertilizers, minerals, etc... and designed to be easily adaptable to meet your every need.


General description
Screw Elevators, with their advanced design, offer the following advantages:

Efficient and reliable: sleeve joints (with 400 mm diameter collars) ensure rigidity and sealing – Silent, vibration- free operation guarantees quietly and low maintenance.

Functional and modular: standard adjustable extension element connected with sleeve.

Solid and safe: solid construction – screw shafts are entirely manufactured and aligned in our own factory – head, tail and intermediate bearings (except the 100 series) – all screw elevators are fitted with caged inlet in tail and protection in conformance with the Machinery Directive.

Akyurek paintwork quality: every part undergoes following processes, before pre-assembly: sand blasting in degreaser tunnel, phosphate coated anti-corrosion treatment, primer protection and 180°C cured final paint finish. These processes are applied on a continuous production line. The final result provides each component optimum corrosion resistance, over 400 hours in salt spray test, vs. 250 hours for pre-galvanized Z350. Akyurek makes every effort to be environmentally friendly, controlling all emissions and component during this process.

ATEX : the equipment can be used in Explosive Atmospheres and Conforms with European

• Hopper with safety mesh
• Square and round connections
• Connections, Pipes, Mobiles,
• Safety features: anti-choke control device with micro switch, temperature sensors

• Reinforced seal bearings (above 160 mm diameter)
• Greater thickness tube
• Coated flight
• Reduced pitch flight
• Heavy duty flight
• Reinforced flight shaft
• Flight with nontoxic painting
• Galvanized tube and/or flight
• Customized motors matched to operating environment