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Yılmaz Tarım which carries on a business   in Erzurum, has made a great breakthrough with  incorporated   Sorturk  color separation machine.

The Plant  that is running with a capacity of 4 tons per hour  also includes    2 pcs  Excel screen and the electronic bagging scale.

From the Yılmaz Tarım Mustafa Yılmaz who is incorporated the first color separation machine in Erzurum region: ‘operation of this facility as well as made us happy.

He said : With the Sortur color separation machine  will increase our product quality  and  believe that we will  give  a better service to our customers, ".

In our country, Sortur Color Separation Machine remediates  product quality which has become a problem in recent years .

Sorturk continues to be pride of Akyurek Technology with 6-channels new technology put into service to the manufacturer's.