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To maximize the available facilities at Akyurek Factory and expend the life span of your investment, all equipments are designed by computers and all carbon steel parts cut with CNC laser machine. All steel parts that are cut by laser are assembled with the best third party industrial parts.

After passing a second quality control check within the assembly department. The parts are then sent to the paint department one by one to be painted with eco friendly automated Owen powder coating system. Each steel part is then cleaned preciously and coated with a paint that is suitable for food legislation; this also increases the life span of the machine.

Due to this process, your investment is protected for an even longer period of time against corrosion.
In the Electrical & electronic production and assembly department all the parts that are used in the machine production are European Union Certificated. The last step of the assembly is mounting the electric and electronic parts of the machines which are carefully chosen in accordance with the customers specific specifications.

Control Panels, Mother Boards, project cablings, and electronic card designing and manufacturing are carried out by professional engineers in AKYUREK Technology premises.

Akyurek Technology manufactures standard or specific software for individual needs.
After electric and electronic parts assembly, each machine under goes quality control checks which are designated to the product specific areas.
After the manufacturing and all of the test checks have been completed each machine moves on to quality control department.
In order to avoid any minor or major defaults in the later stages of the products life span engineers who are experts in their fields carry out the final quality control checks.

All Products that pass the necessary checks gets shipped out to the delivery addresses a hearing to all the correct procedures according to EU Health and Safety standards.