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Colour Sorter Machine 3T/H capacity Sesame Cleaning

Country: Turkey

ŞİTOĞLU GIDA/MALATYA company continues to grow with new investments. ŞİTOĞLU company started manufacturing in Malatya on a small 200 square meters area in 1996 and today, the company performs its activities at 9,000 square meters indoor area on a total 20,000 square meters area and approximately 85 employees. The company made investment for only molasses for the first time. It has gained an important place both in national and international market by expanding its product range by manufacturing 100% natural mulberries, grapes, apricots, carob (carob) and palm syrups as well as pomegranate, sesame oil and soy sauce, jams and candy varieties. The company has the largest molasses production factory of Turkey with productions performed by using the state-of-art and has total 36 tons production and marketing capacity as daily 15 tons molasses, 8 tons jars, 8 tons tahini, 2 tons sauce group and finally 3 tons halva. Şitoğlu Gıda company preferred Akyurek Technology company for sesame screening and cleaning machines. It has purchased sesame cleaning plant with 3 tons / hour capacity including New Generation Sorturk C-5 Colour Sorter Machine. We thank everyone for their efforts.