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High Capacity Newtechnology By Halil Tohumculuk

Country: Virgin Islands, British

Halil Tohumculuk started grain trading in 1980 as being registered to Konya Commodity Exchange. In 2002 it started grain seed growing and acquired a franchise of TİGEM (General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises) and has been a contracted seed producer since 2003. Halil Tohumculuk having the authorization for production and marketing of specific seed varieties continues its production increasingly every year. At the same the Company continues its activities on investigation, production and marketing of various cereal seeds. Besides, the Company provides all kinds of consultancy and input service to our producers and our farmers on technical issues. Halil Tohumculuk Agricultural Products Mar. Ind. Ltd. Co. is committed to present solutions that will provide added value to the agricultural sector in Turkey by providing high-quality seeds to Turkish farmers. Halil Tohumculuk, displaying the value given to technology, incorporated a barley and wheat seed cleaning plant with a capacity of 10 tonnes with the quality of Akyürek Technology. We appreciate Halil Tohumculuk for this investment.