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Rmm Global Company

Country: Nigeria

Akyurek Technology delivers 6 th Sesame Seed Conditioning plant for RMM Global Nigeria company.

Pre-Screen Cleaner 

Vibro Sieve Screen Cleaner

to remove over size and Undersize admixtures

Air Recycling Aspirator

to remove light impurities and admixtures

Six Deck Pre+Fine Screen Cleaner C.O.TEM-004

Counter Flow Screen layout feature on our ScreenCleaner manages two times oversize admixtures removal and two times undersizeadmixture removal as well as each seed is exposed to air screening 6times. 

Two Stone Separator Machine to remove heavy admixtures(stones that are same size but different in density)

A Gravity Separator, separation of light admixturesfrom Sesame Seed lot.

Mechanic Weighing and Bagging Scale for 50 kg -25 kgweighing and Bagging Seed lot.


Dust Control in Cyclones

Central Power Control Panel