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Seed Cleaning & Conditioning Line near Palestine

Country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Akyurek has successfullyinstalled its 10th Seed Cleaning & Conditioning plant near Palestine for awell-established Coffee Trading company.


Local pulse seeds like Chickpea,Freekeh , Green Lentil , Watermelon Seed, Stripy Large Sunflower Seeds, SesameSeed as well as grains like wheat and barley will be handled by Akyurek SeedCleaning Equipment.


For a 5 tph Seed Cleaning andCalibration capacity operation Super Fine Screen Cleaner Excell 53, De-Stonerand Gravity Separator was Akyurek’s and Clients joint choice of machinery tohandle farm dressed seeds.  For easy operation Reject and calibrated seedshandled in bag system. Regular Bucket Elevators for conveying seed, CentralDust aspirator and Bag Filter Cyclone was used for dust handling.


Pulse seeds that is cleaned byAkyurek Seed Cleaning Equipment are accepted by American Super Market Chain aswell as international seed traders.