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Seed Traders Pulse Seed Cleaning Line in Italy

Country: Italy

Akyurek hassuccessfully installed its first seed cleaning & processing plant in Italyfor a well-established pulse seed trader company. Local pulse seeds likechickpea, red lentil, green lentil , fava bean, white beans, green peas as wellas grains like wheat, barley and spelt wheat will be handled by Akyurek seed cleaningequipment. For a 5 tph seed cleaning and calibration capacity operation superfine screen cleaner Excell 206 and seed calibrator Excell 228 was Akyurek’s andclients joint choice of machinery to handle farm dressed seeds. for easyoperation reject and calibrated seeds handled with Akyurek’ automation system.Regular bucket elevators for conveying seed, individual aspirator and cyclonesfor dust handling. Pulse seeds that is cleaned by akyurek seed cleaningequipment are accepted by local Italian seed/food industry as well asinternational seed traders. Akyurek is currently installing another seedcleaning plant in Italy with a complex seed cleaning machine park and will bedelivered by the end of 2016.