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Batch Type Seed Coating Machine

Product Code: ASBC50

Akyurek ASBC Seed Coating Machine with Rotor-stator mixing principle
Standard and Custom Made Solutions to client specific needs

- Seed Coating
- Seed Encrusting
- Seed Pelleting
- Fertilizer granulating
- Rodenticides applying to substrates

- Process control with PLC system
- High-precision dosing components
- Standart and Custom size.
- Number of mixing chambers,
- The number of different doses and outputs,
- Particular installation requirements,
- Peripheral device.

Turn Key Seed Processing Plants over 60 countries


The ASBC50 is a fully automatic operated SEED BATCH COATING MACHINE, for installing within a seed-line. The operator sets all necessary parameters on the display, eg. weight, speed of drives, timing of dosing the slurries, ect. . After starting the SEED BATCH COATING MACHINE, the seed is measured by an built-in scale, using electronic load cells. Filling of the pre-scaled seed into the mixing chamber is done automatically. The dosing of the different slurries is done according to the setup of the operator. A PLC controls the heart of the process, the coating of the seed. This guarantees the same and reproduce-able conditions and quality for each batch.

The whole machine is ready prepared for operation, only the main power supply must be connected, and connecting the compressed air supply must be done. A spout for connecting the existing aspirating system is also prepared on the ASBC50, the aspirating system must be provided locally or an individual aspirator can be supplied.

The dosing lines for the slurries must be connected by means of flexible hoses with the chemical tank.

Standard components (for liquid coating):
- Self-supporting all-steel construction, consisting of scale with electronic load cells, accuracy + 0.25 % referred to max. weight mixing chamber using the BATCH- principle with the dosing systems described below

-Electric switchboard on main frame, ready completed, consisting of the input device for setting the parameters for weighing and coating the PLC for controlling the coating process the controller for the scale incl. fuses, circuit breakers, motor protection switches, etc.

- Possibility for connecting an external level indicator for the scale's pre-bin and silo below possibility for external connection to a sample- taker

- Possible to add future upgrades analogue modem for remote maintenance