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Easy Dump Elevator

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Akyurek has designed a new gentle-handling elevator combining its existing conveyors’ performance, reliable design and effectiveness.

With a high-performance Akyurek continuous to offer businesses with an economical and sturdy piece of equipment.

  • Chain & bucket design
  • Boot clean doors
  • Nuts and Bolted legs
  • Seed Contact areas Stainless steel available
  • High capacity conveying
  • Gear reducer with backstop Shaft-mounted
  • Service platforms & ladder available
  • Valve options-Manual and pneumatic
  • Gentle discharge of seed


Work principle;

seed is transferred into the buckets from intake hopper. The buckets moves up the legs until they are pulled around the first set of gears. The buckets tilted gently and seed dispenses into the discharge hopper. From this hopper the seed feeds through a pipe to your allocated point. The buckets continue in this cycle and provide a continuous, smooth flow of seed with a near zero damage.

Features & Options of Easy Dump Elevator

  • Laser Cut and Bolted Assembly
To reduce the cost of shipment, the legs of our elevators can be shipped disassembled.

  • Instant Boot cleaning
A draw which is located right at the bottom of the boot makes an easy operation to open the boot and pull out the remaining seed in the elevator in an instant.

  • "Duck" Series
When with height restrictions and flow pipe limitations are challenge the “Duck” Series Easy Dump Elevator can be used. Feeding and discharging on the same side allows you to achieve spouting configurations that are near impossible by regular elevators.

  • "Double" Series
For lifting two different products in limited spaces the “Double” Series Easy Dump elevator can be used. Without contamination you can elevate two different product types. The “Double” to act as two elevators by two separate product in-takes, bucket lanes and discharge spouts.

  • Easy Operation
Very simple, straightforward and effective work principles.