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Excell Universal Series Seed Pre-Cleaner

Product Code: AKYUREKEXCELL 117

High Effective Pre-cleaning Performance

Akyurek Technology develops and manufactures solutions for pre-cleaning of all cereals, maize, rape seed, peas and similar products before drying or storage. Pre-cleaning differs from rough cleaning in the way that this process also is able to separate products smaller than the main crop.


The Akyurek Technology product range covers Akyurek Technology Excell Pre Cleaners, Aspirators and Akyurek Technology Combi Cleaners.

Akyurek Technology UniversalExcell Pre Cleaners are a versatile screen cleaner specifically designed for pre cleaning using a 5 - 15m² area in conjunction with a sophisticated aspiration system.

Pre-cleaning may replace rough cleaning when receiving a raw material from which, in addition to the large impurities, most of the sand, thin grain and weeds are to be separated. Pre-cleaners have capacities ranging from 5 to 100t/h. All these cleaners have effective pre-suction and after suction systems for separation of light products such as chaff, straw, light grain, etc.