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Glossy Polisher

Product Code: AGP

The Akyurek Glossy Polisher AGY processes rice in two stages: dry and wet on one shaft.

The length of dry and wet zones can be interchanged inside the polishing chamber by a nylon plug.


Two separate zones provide an advanced control on different level of final rice finish from matt finish to high silky finish.

Water addition is through shaft ensuring water is added uniformly throughout the wet zone of polishing chamber.

The Glossy Polisher is used for the final stages of rice processing, to produce rice with a shiny, smooth and dust-free finish.

The rice grains are gently polished by friction in a special humidified atmosphere which is controlled by an accurate water dosing system.

The Glossy Polisher AGY is mainly applied in the rice milling industry and can be used for any variety of rice.