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Jog Fluid Bed Air Drier

Product Code: JCD 1250

The jog conveyor has a wide range of application and construction and can be used for conveying, cleaning, grading and drying grain (for example, coated or dressed materials) and similar products.

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Working mode
The jog conveyor dryer works by the action of the eccentric shaft which, via connecting rods, causes the conveyor to move backwards and forwards, which the results in the movement of the material via the coiled suspension units.

The jog conveyor dryer transports material slowly and empties the material at the outlet /outlets. In order to facilitate drying processes, the machine is constructed with a perforated screen system.

JCD designed with heating sections, and screening sections. Each of the heating sections is supplied separately with warm air, by using heaters and blowers below the jog conveyor dryer.

Each screening section consists of single screens with connection spout DM120 mm for aspiration.

The main drive is a 4 kW - squirrel cage motor (The operation of the drive must be by frequency inverter (not included with the jog conveyor dryer).

An adjustable feeding gate at the inlet to the deck determines the thickness of the layer on the deck of the jog conveyor dryer.