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Gravity Separator

Product Code: G.MAC-010

Akyurek Technology G-MAC -010 Gravity Separator - machines for the perfect separation of products with a different weight, grading by specific weight of products with very slight differenced in size and/or weight, which cannot be sepparated by screening (width) or by indented cylinders (length).

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For the grading by specific weight of products with very slight difference in size and/or weight, which can not be separated by screening (width), aspiration (weight) or by indented cylinders (length).

The separator works on a fluidised bed principle; air is forced through the deck causing the light fraction to move uphill, while the light fraction floats downhill. Variation in deck speed, air volume, deck material, deck angle (lengthwise and sidewise), depth of product and take-off points. Allow effective separation to be achieved on almost any dry product. This machine is absolutely necessary in producing seeds of wheat and barley for sowing. It raises ratio of the germination of those seeds.


Operation for Speed Cleaning:

The product fed in to a silo of 1 ton capacity by means of the feeder elevator. From silo the product is poured onto the gravity separator by the vibration feeder controlled by an electronic "speed control instrument". Operator can adjust the tilt of the deck, deck drive speed fan from the control valves that are on the machine. Adjustable gates around the deck allow control of the depth of the product on the deck.  By means of three aspirators placed under the screen and also by making use of inclination, the weak grains are separated from the product. The machine is on the platform. The non-fully cleaned product goes back to the main entrance of the products by means of return conveyor system if required. The clean product moves on to further processing.