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Vibratory Sieve Seed Pre-Cleaner

Product Code: C.SAS.013


  • • For high performance pre cleaning of grains or fine cleaning.
  • • 4 models offered-pre cleaning capacity.
  • • Very low maintenance – due to vibratory motor drive.
  • • Choice of 2 aspiration systems.

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The modern design of the vibratory sieve separator allows it to achieve high quality cleaning at large capacities, whilst having small overall dimensions and low power consumption. It is used to separate over and undersize impurities from granular materials.

The separator is offered with the choice of two aspiration separator systems.


Vibratory sieve separators are commonly used for:

- Pre cleaning of grain.

- high quality cleaning and grading of cereal grain and other seeds.

- Offal sorting lines.

- Cleaning lines of coffee, cocoa etc.



The features of the vibratory sieve separator are as follows:

- Speed and capacity adjustment with inverter

- Smooth and silent operation.

- Drive by electric vibratory motors for negligible maintenance and highly effective screening.

- Good access to sieves and easy sieve change.

- Choice of aspiration systems from basic aspiration case to high performance pneumatic channels, as follows:

Version “A” – separator with basic aspiration case – for removal of dust.

Version “B” – blower located below the sieve basket in separator frame to blow dust of cleaned product


The product is fed to the machine by means of supplied conveyor equipment, and then moved to the front part of the sieve basket where the grain distribution device spreads the grain across the whole sieve width. The reciprocating movement caused by the vibratory motors, moves the stock downwards across the screen surface and at the same time effectively directs the grain into a vertical position to pass through the perforated screens.

 The Akyurek C.SA 1800MMS has been designed to ensure that the stock moves more slowly down the sieve towards the outlet/tail end than at the inlet/head end. This results in overtailing stock lingering on the sieve, improving stock distribution and increasing sieve capacity.

On the first sieve deck, impurities larger than cereal grain are separated and moved out of the machine. The throughs from the first sieve deck move to the second sieve deck where impurities smaller than cereal grain are separated. These impurities are collected in the bottom of the sieve basket from where they are discharged.


The vibratory sieve separator consists of:

- Sieve basket with two decks of sieves and product inlet and outlet.

- Supporting frame.

- Drive consisting of one or two electric vibrators mounted to sieve basket sides.

- Outlet stub-pipes for outputting impurities.

- The steel work is All Through Paint : Acrylic Antistatic Owen Powder Painted. Paint Code:9100

- CNC Laser cut steel components for precision manufacturing


- Quantity of screen decks

- With or with our inverter

- With our with out ball screen cleaning system

- Manufactured for required height

- Feed intake hopper