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Zig Zag Air Separators

Product Code: ZZAS

The feed material is conveyed onto an airproof item to the separator channel.
According to the multiple - crossflow -separating process, light material is separated from heavy material.

Zig Zag Air Separators Video


The air flow required for separation is blown through the separation channel from button to top. Light material is carried by the air flow up stream in to cyclone and through rotary sack in to sack on to the next conveyor. Heavy material cannot be carried by the air flow and falls through the air flow and is discharged through the separator base.

The light material transported by the air flow to the cyclone gets separated there and is discharged via rotary gate valve.

Zig Zag Air Separator Plants are usually operated in recirculation air mode, whereby the cleaned air is returned via blower to the separator base. In case of dusty or moist products the operation of the plant is also possible in partly air circulation or suction mode. The required air flow and pressure is generated by a radial blower.

Application of the Zig Zag air separator:
+ Very precise separation due to by multi-stage-cross-flow separation (8 to 15 separation stages)

+ Based on arranged upon another separation steps and the consequential multiple impacts of the mass flow, the desagglomeration and release of product knots is ensured

+ To reach stable operating conditions, we use a special designed ventilator rotor disk

+ Constant product quality is provided via regulation of air flow and -control (optional)

+ Due to additional cleaning valves in the separator channel the plant can be cleaned easily

+ In the air recirculation mode exists no emission source

+ Long life span due to robust construction and no rotating parts in the separator

+ Sturdy design