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Cylindrical Screening Machines

Product Code: CS 300 / 500 / 700

Cylindrical Screening Machines

Cylindrical screening machines are used for sorting and grading of seeds and cereals such as grain, maize, sunower seed, rice and similar commodities. Also generally granular products such as recycling products.

The incoming material is sorted according to its width (round perforation) and respectively its thickness (slotted perforation).


All kernels thinner than the screen holes fall through the screen, and all thicker kernels remaining in the screening cylinder are transported to the end-outlet.

By means of the permanent circulation of the product and the resulting centrifugal force, each kernel is forced to be in contact with the screen perforation, enabling sorting operations to be carried out with high accuracy.

The single cylinders built as self supporting steel constructions can be joined in various congurations by means of the simple modular system, always using only one drive motor (Energy saving) with chain drive connection to the single cylinders. A maximum of 3 cylinders can be installed above each other.

So a huge spectrum of sorting targets can be covered.


Screen box
The screen box houses the screening cylinder.

Screen cylinder On the CS300 and CS500 type it is a single-sieve push on cylinder.
The CS700 type has 3 screen segments which are attached on supporting discs.

Vibrating through
The vibrating through is used to fed the product falling through the upper screening cylinder to the inlet of the next cylinder.
When arranged as lowest unit it will collect all throughs and convey them to a discharge pipe.

Deector box
The deector box is used to deect the product falling through the upper screening cylinder so that it doesn’t hit the lower cylinder so as to by-pass the following cylinder.

Discharge hopper
It is invariably arranged as lowest assembly of the equipment, it’s only to collect the throughs and tailings in troughs from where they are piped out through suitable conduit.

- The drive can be equipped with xed or variable speed (by frequency inverter or by mechanical speed variator gear).

- Permanent screen cleaning too prevent blockage of the screen-holes.
(additional hand operated cleaning device or brush rollers can be installed as an alternative)

- Adjustable Screen-inclination for regulation of the throughput-capacity.
(steplessly adjustable between 0 and 2,5°)

- Simple screen-exchange

Parallel operation
The grain ow is divided to the separate inlet channels of each single cylinder, so they receive part of the grain ow at a time. The oversize product is discharged at the end of each cylinder. The product failing through will direct by the deector box so as to by-pass the following cylinder.

Series operation
The product falling through the upper screening cylinder is fed to the inlet of the next cylinder by means of a vibrating trough.
The oversize product is discharged at the end of each cylinder.