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Excell 60 Series Fine Screen Cleaners

Product Code: Excell 60

Akyurek Technology Excell 60 Series Fine Screen Cleaners separate dry, granular, free-flowing material according to particle characteristic of seeds by means of mechanic screening.

Made for ease of use, longevity and above all, accuracy, Akyurek Technology Excell Series Cleaners come in several sizes and varieties - so chances are, you’ll find just the right equipment for your particular separation needs.

Ease of Use
Excell Series Cleaners machines are adjustable during operation with little training using controls and gauges.

As always stability, functionality, durability, reliability applied to our Excell Series Cleaners during designing processes.


Feed Roller width Built-in stirrer
- ensures by means of the stirrer that no product build-up
- is created in the inlet by light products such as grass seeds etc.
- is in sensitive to light waste material and large impurities such as Stones etc.
- has built-in spring loaded safety device.
- has feed gate which in combination with variable RPM control of the feed rate.

Pre and After Suction System
- is built as separate systems to ensure a precise and independent air cleaning
- separates the light particles before the material reaches the sieves
- improves the cleaning effect and results in a higher capacity
- ensures an excellent purity of the product due to the suction of light particles such as empty seeds, husks, dust etc.
- when the product leaves the cleaner via the air screen.

Screen shoes of Birch Plywood
-are moisture and insect-resistant
-are constructed with replaceable wear plates and sieve runners in exposed areas
-have a long lifetime because the birch plywood easily tolerates the vibrations of the screen shoes
-give less resonance owing to the birch plywood and thus a better working environment is obtain

Ball Box
- ensures efficient cleaning of sieves by means of rubber balls
- can maintain the cleaning effect at extremely low temperatures as the rubber balls are cast in a very suitable material
- is cast solid so that it prevents stuck seeds etc.(self-cleaning)
- is separately mounted in the screen shoes which ensures a quick change of sieves without removing the ball boxes

Easy To Operate
- because all adjustments are placed at a suitable height
- owing to adjustments with scales for quick and precise re-adjustment
- since all operating handles are placed on the same side as the outlets
- is as standard with outlets and adjustments placed on the right hand side seen from the inlet end
- is available in special left-hand design

Finished Product of a High Quality
- is clearly illustrated by the difference between the cleaned seed/product and the discarded light product on the air lifting system.
- reduces in many cases the size of the subsequent processing machines

Screw Conveyor for Light waste
- ensures continuous discharge of dust and light waste from the air system via screws.
- with finger flaps to ensure optimal dust separation in the expansion chamber by preventing false air from entering into the chamber.

Balanced Eccentric System
- is fitted with counter weights ensuring steady running
- involving minimum stress on buildings and steel structures
- is fitted with ‘’heavy duty’’ bearings
- ensures maximum utilisation of the cleaning effect of the sieves owing to accurately attuned stroke and RPM

Perforated Screens for all Purposes
- are available with round and long holes from 0,3 to 25,0mm
- are also available as wire mesh screens are also available as screen plates with very little tolerance which ensures a minimum cleaning loss.
- are available in a standard size of: 800 mm (L) x 1250 mm (B) = 1 m, which can be used in more than 80% of the Akyurek Excell program so the number of sieves needed is reduced

Air Lifting Sieve Screen
- serves to convey the product through the air flow to ensure elimination of light particles
- forces the product through under passage to turn its biggest surface against the air flow in order to obtain optimal separation
- is constructed with adjustable air lifting hood over the air lifting sieve, which ensures optimal collecting up of the discarded light particles
- is combined with air lifting hood, designed with inspection window in full width, in order to make the adjustment of the air volume easier.