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Product Code: SQUARE

The silos are delivered complete with anchor bolts, support construction, silo hoppers, walls, decks, roof construction, machine decks, ladders, etc., for outdoor or indoor installation. Due to the modular construction, the silos allow easy extension in the event of subsequent demands for greater storage volume.

The high degree of flexibility is exemplified by the design of the Akyurek square silos, which are constructed with either smooth or profiled walls with cell sizes up to 4m x 4m. The rectangular silo solution is very flexible and the cells can be separated into various sizes


Normally, the silos are installed on a steel construction according to the plant design. The steel construction can be extended with machine towers featuring decks and access. In many projects, it is an advantage to have the process equipment close to the storage facility in order to handle the products with a high degree of care. Another alternative is where the silo cells are part of a building, with the silo cells being an integrated part of the building structure.

The hoppers constitute the bottom of the silo cells. The hoppers can be delivered in many different ways with square or round outlet, symmetrical or with one or two vertical sides. The properties of the products are of high importance when designing the hoppers with regards to outlet size, angle of repose as well as outloading capacity.

The walls are either executed as single wall trapezoid or as plain walls. The type depends on the product, height of the silo and the importance of absolute emptying. The panels are bolted together and the edges make vertical octagonal columns in a very smooth way. Possibility of connecting both smooth and profiled walls.


  • Tear plate

  • Plain or raised manhole and removable safety grid

  • Necessary support for filling equipment, as well as connections for filling, level control, aspiration and temperature control.

  • Prepared for cladding

  • Designed with one or two side inclinations

  • Height according to specifications

Various cladding options:
  • Roof cladding - ridges, gutters, down pipes, snow-holding

  • Wall cladding - windows, doors Standard types and profiles from well-known suppliers delivered as non-insulated or insulated panels