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Nut Blancher

Product Code: FZSM-0-0

When skin removal from nut kernels is required, Akyurek offers an efficient systems to fit the bill. Akyurek Nut Blancher gently remove the skins from nut kernels without creating excess product damage. The Akyurek Nut Blancher is designed to release skins and hearts from splits and whole nut kernels. Split Nut Blanching is normally used in peanut butter manufacturing and making chips/quarters or slices to incorporate in candies and Whole nut Blanching is used for Confectionary Snack Industry

Akyurek Blanchers are designed for ease of operation, maintenance, and sanitation. Reliability and performance are built in.

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Blanched to be Nut requires half roasting just before blanching, after half roasting skin on Nut Kernel would be loosen and when enters Blancher machine it would be removed with gentlest was to eliminate loss in process and increase yield. A Screen Separator is required for undersize removal. Color Sorting of un blanched nut kernel would be necessary for optimum result.