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Sesame Peeler Machine

Product Code: SP-4000

Akyurek's Sesame Peeler SP-4000 is a precise and efficient friction type dehulling units applicable for processing all kinds and types of Sesame seed peeling.

  • Fully enclosed Hygienic Operation.

  • Minimised utility bills comparison to other traditional methods of peeling.

  • No chemical or salt used during Sesame Peeling Process.

  • High quality product without modifying Sesame’s natural properties.

  • Improved peeling systems via Innovative technology.

Sesame Peeler Machine Video


The peeling system is made of three cylinders.

For optimum and high yield peeling process the first cylinder mixes the seeds with water in a continual and homogeneous way.

For peeling process second cylinder creates friction between the seeds.

The third cylinder continues the friction process with the same friction technique, so an optimum and high quality result obtained with process repeat.

Regulation of input parameters control via on board PLC Panel.